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The Pocket Brochure

Have you ever found a business card in a drawer and said, “I can’t remember who this person is or what the business does”? With The Pocket Brochure, your company won’t loose great networking opportunities anymore!

This new innovation combines the selling power of a brochure with the convenience of a business card. The diminutive size fits in pockets, purses and wallets! Prospects are more apt to keep it and use it later. It can be packed with graphics and everything to convince someone to call you or take the time to go to your web site.

Best of all you can take them anywhere. Whether at a restaurant, the bank, the golf course, a ball game, or wherever, you’ll always be prepared for that networking opportunity!

And if that weren’t enough, they cost less than traditional tri-fold brochures!

We also have clear acrylic brochure holders that can be custom etched with your logo or anything you want on them.

The Sales Tool That Goes Anywhere!
Fits In Pockets, Purses, Wallets









Start with Front Panel
(approx. 4”x2.5”)

Open the first fold...



The Second Panel revealed
(approx. 4”x5”)

Then open the second fold...



The Third Panel revealed
(fully opened)
(approx. 4”x10”

Here’s How They Work;

Always Be Ready When Networking Opportunities Arise



Handy Customized Acrylic Displays For Maximum Exposure






The Convenience Of A Business Card - The Selling Power Of A Brochure.